2018 March 29th THU , 30th FRI, 31th SAT April 1st SUN Tokyo Big Site Grooming Competition In Interpet 2018

About the contest

Happy Grooming Contest is a contest for salon groomers in the world centered on Asia
where people are competing in various sectors from beginner to advance.

We prepare such a contest to improve technical capabilities
and spread campaign for enlightenment for animals.

In addition, we would like to discover and nurture top-ranking groomer
and aim for improvement of its status and development.

Why don’t you join this opportunity to have fun!



Tokyo Big site East 1-4 hall
Special site in "Interpet" (East hall 3)
Ariake 3-11-1 Koutouku, Tokyo



March 29th 2018  (THU)   10:00-17:00
March 30th 2018  (FRI)   10:00-17:00
March 31th 2018  (SAT)   10:00-17:00
April 1st 2018  (SUN)   10:00-14:00

Time table


December 1st (FRI)

Commencement of competitor acceptance

March 29th (THU)

Quick Grooming Division (Entry Class/Open Class) contest open

March 30th (FRI)

Salon Style Division, Pairs Division contest open

March 31th (SAT)

Rescue Grooming Division, Creative Styling Competition Division contest open

April 1st (SUN)

JAPAN OPEN STYLE Japan Open Style contest open


Quick Groom Division Entry Class

Beginners with less than 3years experience in the field can enter. This class is particular about time. You have 40 minutes to finish.

Quick Groom Division Open Class

This class is for groomers with more than 3years experience in the field.
This class is particular about time. You have 40 minutes to finish.

Pair Divison

The world first team style contest! Groom a dog with a partner.

Salon Style Division

An ordinary grooming style at a salon. You are judged by the grooming technique, total balance, and creativity that is not temporary generated by spraying, coloring, or decorations.

Rescue Grooming Division

You groom a rescue dog prepared by an executive committee and dog rescue organization. You have a time limit of 150 minutes to do all prep work, bath, dry and groom a rescue dog you see for the first time.

Creative Styling Competition Division

Colorings and decorations are allowed in this division. You are free to perform your works exuding originality and a sense of beauty.


World Class Happy Grooming Contest! Standard, pet clip, etc… Any style is accepted in this class. This is a great challenge for the most confident and experienced groomers.

for more information

entry qualifications

  • Quick Groom Division is divided into less than 3years experience, and more than 3years experience (does not include while grooming academy) in field class. (Personal statement)
  • any breed is accepted ( mixed breeds are also accepted)
  • Six weeks or more of coat growth is required
    • * No clipping or scissoring 6 weeks prior to contest.
    • * anal and sanitary areas may only be clipped or scissored.
    • * It is recommended to start conditioning more than 6 weeks in order to make a distinctive change to the dog's appearance.
    • * Short haired dogs are not accepted
    • (Rescue dogs are the exception.)
  • Current vaccinations as required by law.
  • Age of pet recommendation is between 10 months and 10 years.
  • Female dogs in heat are not accepted.
  • Pregnant dogs are not accepted.
  • Coat should be clean, healthy, dry and free of mats.
    • * The dog must appear healthy, and free of disease.
    • * Dogs with ticks and fleas are not allowed.
    • (Rescue dogs are the exception)
  • Comb must glide through coat at Pre-judge.
  • Dogs must not show signs of aggression or viciousness towards other dogs.
    • (Rescue dogs are the exception)
  • Nails should be clipped and filed. Ears must be clean.

contest rules


  • Do not do coloring during the contest
  • Chalk, powder, and spray are allowed but if the judge decides it is too much, points may be deducted.
  • No drinking or eating in the contest hall.
    • * Only competitors, assistants, judge and staff are allowed to hydrate
  • No flash when taking pictures
  • Under age of 13 are not allowed to participate (or observe)
  • Do not let dogs free in the contest hall
  • Dogs must be leashed when outside of crates, when not being groomed, and must never be left unattended.
  • Bring your own water bowl. It is allowed to hydrate your dog any time.
  • You must take responsibility for cleaning up your dog's mess.
    • * Make sure your dog goes potty before contest begins.
    • * The contestant and the dogs are allowed one restroom break.
  • The contestant and the dogs are allowed one restroom break.
  • If the contestant is leaving the grooming table, you must tell the clerk and have your assistant or someone look after your dog.
  • Contestants may use any grooming equipment that is not dangerous, but must keep them under the grooming table and not disturb others.
  • No other contest dogs are allowed in the contest room.


  • Not in condition of entry qualifications
  • Not have finished check-in before the contest starts.
  • Injured your dog during the contest.
  • Leave the grooming table with your dog.
    A second warning may result in dismissal from the class
  • Bad attitude behavior
  • Behavior that is disturbing to the other contestants.
  • Coaching by anyone or to reference to any pictures or drawings at any time during the competition.
  • Using cell phones, radios or headsets
  • Warnings may be given to correct: unprofessional image, unprofessional conduct, unsafe skill application, unsafe grooming station, unsafe handling, etc.
  • Contestants that management determines to be inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to compete.

Any inappropriateness other than that mentioned above.

Contest flow

Before Pre-Judging

  • All dogs must be allowed to potty before the contest.
  • The contestants and the dogs are allowed to go on a restroom break during the contest.
  • Ring opens at least 10 minutes prior to prejudge, contestants must be present for prejudging or they will not be permitted to compete.
  • Prepare your grooming equipment before pre-judge starts
  • Confirm whether you have your entry number badge.
  • Match your entry number and the number on your grooming table.
  • Only one assistant is allowed to help in the ring.
  • You can compete in the contest if you are in the ring before the contest starts, but you still have to complete the pre-judge and have your picture taken prior to initiating your groom.
    (Your grooming time will be shortened)
  • Confirm that the power is turned on.
  • Grooming table and arms are prepared but you can bring your own.
  • Grooming arm must be attached to the grooming table.

Pre-judge Starts

  • There will be an announcement before the pre-judge.
  • Assistant must leave the contest ring.
  • Only the judge, photographer, and show staff are in the ring.
  • Set only the dog and a comb on the grooming table
  • Contestants can only comb before the pre-judge starts.
  • Hand your comb to the judge when there is a signal. You may be deducted if there is any matt.
  • You may only comb your dog while the judge is judging other dogs.
  • After the pre-judge is finished, stack your dog on the grooming table and the photographer will take your dog's picture before grooming.
  • Only a comb is allowed on the table before the contest starts.

Contest Starts

  • You may start grooming after the signal.
  • Noises that may other others, are not allowed.
  • Treat your dog gently as it is evaluated. Unprofessional conduct may result in dismissal from the class
  • Each class has a different time limit. Finish your work in time.
  • If you want to go to the restroom, you may tell the clerk and have your assistant or someone wait with your dog.
  • You can hydrate anytime.
  • Adhere to the warnings from the show management or you may result in dismissal from the class.

Contest Ends

  • Time is up! (There are different time limits for each class)
  • Make sure the grooming arm loop is attached to the dog.
  • Contestants should clear table of hair, tools, and equipment and place a comb on the table and then set and present their dog to the judge.
  • The judge, show manager, and the photographer will go around the ring.

Final Judging

  • Hand the comb to the judge.
  • Set the dog on table.
  • Follow as the judge judges.
  • Only the judge combs during the final judge.
  • You can only comb or brush the dog while the judge is judging others.
  • No questions at this point.
  • You may only ask your judge for feedback AFTER the contest ends.

Time table

Day 1 (March 29th 2018)


Doors open


Quick Grooming Division Entry Class Starts accepting


Entry Class Check-In


Entry Class Pre-judge Starts


Entry Class Contest


Entry Class Awards and Photographs taken


Quick Grooming Division Open Class Starts accepting


Open Class Check-In


Open Class Pre-judge Starts


Open Class Contest


Open Class Awards and Photographs taken

Day 2 (March 30th 2018)


Doors open


Pairs Division Starts accepting


Pairs Division Check-In


Pairs Division Pre-judge Starts


Pairs Division Contest


Salon Style Division Starts accepting


Pairs Division Awards and Photographs taken


Salon Style Division Check-In


Salon Style Division Pre-judge Starts


Salon Style Division Contest


Salon Style Division Awards and Photographs taken

Day 3 (March 31st 2018)


Doors open


Rescue Grooming Division Starts accepting


Rescue Grooming Division Check-In


Rescue Grooming Division Pre-judge Starts


Rescue Grooming Division Contest


Creative Styling Competition Division Starts accepting


Rescue Grooming Division Awards and Photographs taken


Creative Styling Competition Division Check-In


Creative Styling Competition Division Pre-judge Starts


Creative Styling Competition Division Contest


Creative Styling Competition Division Awards and Photographs taken

Day 4 (April 1st 2018)


JAPAN OPEN STYLE Starts accepting




JAPAN OPEN STYLE Pre-judge Starts




JAPAN OPEN STYLE Awards and Photographs taken


Kaoru Nakajima

After she experienced an apprenticeship as a police dog trainer, show assistant, and pet groomer in Japan, she became an assistant for American professional handler Ms. Barbara Humphries.

Established KM DOG CO, KN Tour Service Inc. in San Diego, USA in1995.
During her time as a seminar instructor and official judge of a styling contest in America, she enjoyed studying in Europe while competing in challenging contest, participating in dog shows on the weekends, and working with veterinarians and rescue teams in aiding rescue dog transition to private homes.
She is currently focusing on developing seminars and contests in Japan, Mexico, and America and among other locations to improve the grooming industry, and also preparing private lessons for grooming stylists all around the world.

Miki Takagi

She is TALLTREE's owner Groomer and is very familiar with "speed grooming" in Japan.
She lecturers how to groom a toy-poodle in an hour in Japan.

She initially entered in grooming contests overseas when she won many awards, while she has her "Speed Grooming Curriculum", she is always researching how to be more gentle with the dogs, how to relieve the stress of grooming, and standard, as well as always finding a new styles.

2010 First Timer Best In Show in Atlanta Pet Fair
2010 First Prize in Japan Pet Business School association Dog Design Contest
2013 Best In Sporting Stylist in KM DOG Styling Contest Japan

Victor Rosado

All Breeds licensed International Judge registered at the Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico (FCPR / FCI). International registered All Round Grooming Tournament EGA Judge. With a lot of experience on assignments worldwide he judges both conformation and grooming shows.

Member of the American Spaniel Club, breeder, exhibitor and specialist of American Cocker Spaniels for more than 25 years under the registered kennel name Showstar.
Breeder of champions, grand champions and international champions including multiple Best In Show winners in multiple countries and top ranked dogs in multiple countries in both AKC and FCI. AKC Breeder of Merit. Sporting and Terrier exhibitor.

World Grooming Gold Champion Belgium 2017. USA Groomer of the Year 2017. Hall of Fame groomer at Groom Team USA. GT Travel Team member for Belgium 2017.

Winner of multiple "Best In Show", "Best All Around" with more than a 100 awards in Sporting, Handstripping, Scissored Breeds and Poodles Tournaments combined. Currently ranks as one of the top groomers in Groom Team USA ranking system for United States of America.

Latin America Oster Ambassador, VIG groomer for Purina Pro-Plan.
X-Power Ambassador Affiliate and certifier for International Professional Groomers in Latin America, owner of Davis Puerto Rico Veterinary and Grooming wholesale company and EDUGROOM his educational brand.
Barkleigh Honors recipient in 2016 and 2017.
He is valued in the industry for being one of the most complete and active speaker, coach, seminarist and presenter that we have worldwide.

Akiko Yamamoto

She is an owner groomer of a popular pet salon in Yokohama "Dog Salon Taroimo" and "TAROIMO for private"
She is also a champion show breeder not only in Japan but also overseas. Her speciality is the silver Toy-Poodle in the kennel of Bayflower.

Takaaki Fukuyama

Yamazaki University Instructor
Master of risk management
Pet Grooming Specialist
Official Animal Nurse
SFSPCA Hearing Dog Trainer certification

Over 7000 groomers graduated under his class in Yamazaki University.
He has engaged as a teacher to impress firmly in one's mind a general idea of "animals' welfare" In this matured grooming industry.
In the university he studies Risk management and Pet Emergency relevant to grooming based on risk management science.
Pet Industry nowadays needs to be generalized as opposed to specialized. Not an expert but generalist! He says.
Published multiple books and appears on many TV programs.
"Tell me! Professor Fukuyama's Animal Campus" is a critically acclaimed TV show


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