2018 March 29th THU , 30th FRI, 31th SAT April 1st SUN Tokyo Big Site Grooming Competition In Interpet 2018

Contest Overview

March 29th 2018  (THU)   10:00-17:00
March 30th 2018  (FRI)   10:00-17:00
March 31th 2018  (SAT)   10:00-17:00
April 1st 2018  (SUN)   10:00-14:00
Venue Tokyo Big site East 1-4 hall
Special site in "Interpet"(East hall 3)
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Happy Grooming Contest aims to develop groomer skill and technique.
You can fully demonstrate your skill and technique required at the salon in this contest.
This contest is also open to the public in order to share how wonderful groomers are to the world.
Entry Class

Entry Class

Quick Groom Division Entry Class

Quick Groom Division Open Class

Pair Divison

Salon Style Division

Rescue Grooming Division

Creative Styling Competition Division


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Japanese groomers are evaluated throughout the world. They possess many skills and techniques that lead to success in the grooming industry with their rich imagination and knowledge.
This contest demonstrates "Japanese Style" to the world.
This is a huge opportunity to participate in a world class challenge that will benefit anyone in the grooming industry.
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From executive committee
June 14th 2018 (THU) Opened the latest winners page
December 1st 2017(FRI) Started accepting the competitors
November 20th 2017 (MON) Opened the holding information
May 30th 2017 (TUE) Opened the latest winners page
February 1st 2017 (WED) Started accepting the competitors
December 28th 2016 (MON) Established a website
December 8th 2016 (THU) Started a facebook page